We greatly value the relationships we have with our parents and are fully committed to parent partnership. A happy and successful school is based upon strong, effective relationships between home and school.

In July 2019, we were accredited with the Leading Parent Partnership Award and the full report can be accessed below.

Here are a few strengths identified after the assessor spent time with parents, pupils and staff at our school.

  • The new headteacher has revitalised parent engagement and raised the profile of parent partnership with the whole school community. 
  • Communication with parents has been updated, texts, email, twitter have been introduced facilitating more effective communication and giving parents a better insight into their children’s learning
  • New school vision and values statements have been devised and shared with the whole school community, clarifying the school values for staff, parents and children.
  • The school has an active Parent Participation Group who meet monthly and contribute to the review of policies and procedures and ensure the parent voice is heard and responded to.
  • The revised behaviour system reflects the school’s vision and values and is clearly understood by parents and children.
  • Liaison with external agencies has enabled parents to gain additional support for family life.
  • The school are gathering parent feedback and responding to parent views on a range of issues. Parents have been consulted on communication, the rewards system, the behaviour policy and reading books to take home. Systems put into place take account of parents’ views and reflect the school’s vision and values statements.
  • The updated Prospectus and Welcome Packs give parents clear and concise information about the school with plenty of photographs of the environment and equipment their children will use, which they can share with their children as part of the transition to Nursery and Reception.
  • Class assemblies are now being used as a gateway for staff to share children’s learning and parents to join with in children’s learning in the classroom.
  • The process of inviting parents to share their knowledge and skills with children has made a very encouraging start with parents coming into school to share information about Diwali, Judaism, designing a comic strip and Eat Fit, Keep Fit week.
  • The school has started to host community activities in the school holidays raising awareness of the school in the local community and providing local activities for children..
  • A new home learning system is being developed which will link with the Knowledge Organisers, clarify home learning activities and help parents support their children’s learning at home.
  • The school have started a Parent Partnership book to record information from Parent Partnership Meetings, celebrate events and share parents’ views.

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