Help and advice for children

There are many people in school who can help you. If you  are worried about something in school or at home, or you are worried about one of your friends - you can always speak to...

  • your class teacher
  • other adults in your class
  • any teachers in the school
  • Mrs Lee
  • Mrs Hitchcock
  • our school nurse
  • ANY ADULT in school.

Remember when we have had the NSPCC in school for assemblies and workshops? They have a free 24 hour helpline that anyone can ring. The number is 0800 1111. They also have a new website designed especially for children Look out for the posters around school that tell you a bit more about Childline.

NSPCC Sexual Harassment or Abuse Helpline

The DfE have commissioned the NSPCC to operate a helpline for children and young people who have experienced sexual harassment or abuse at school, and for worried adults and professionals that need support and guidance. More information can be found here.

 Phone: 0800 136 663 or Email:

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