Year 1 Home Learning - Week 12 -6.7.2020

Date: 1st Jul 2020 @ 6:37pm

Hello again!

We hope this finds everyone well after a much cooler week to start the month of July. 

Here are the activities ready for the start of next week. As with last week we would like everyone to have a go at the activities marked with a star: spelling, reading, story writing, science and topic. These are, if you like, the 'homework' that would normally come in the purple books. The science follows on from learning that they will do in school on Tuesday, but the activities are new. It will give your child the opportunity to talk about what they have learnt in school. Please check they use the scientific vocabulary. The topic activity is art and a nice, fun creative task, which we hope they will enjoy. It is our feedback task too so please send some photos of the work. The story writing links to this task as it involves a tiger. The story doesn't have to be about 'The Tiger who came to tea', but that is there as inspiration or support for those who need it. The story can be as imaginative as you like as long as it has a tiger in it!

The handwriting covers all the 'set' of letters that have been done over the last few weeks. They are all formed the same way by retracting the initial 'c'. Their handwriting books are a pleasure to look at, as the work is so neat with the letters correctly formed. However in order to be ready for Year 2 it is essential the children are using this cursive formation in all their writing, not just in handwriting practise, so we look for this in any writing you send us.

Hopefully there is plenty here to keep you busy if the weather continues to be inclement this weekend!

Kind regards,

Mrs Clough, Mrs Mott and Mrs Ramsden-Smith

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