Y3 Homelearning 28.09.18

Date: 28th Sep 2018 @ 11:24am

What a great start to the year you have made Y3! 

In Maths, we've been developing our Place Value fluency and reasoning skills. 

In English, we've been recapping on Year 2 grammar and applying it to our Adventure Story drafting:

  • Using different sentence types e.g. statements, questions, commands and exclamations.
  • Expanding our sentences using co-ordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) and noun phrases. 
  • Using apostrophes for contraction and possession. 

Well done for completing your homelearning last week.

This week will be a maths focus. I'd like you to work on your times tables! Click onto the TTRockstars link below and get practising those mulitplication facts! 


Have a wonderful weekend and get plenty of rest.


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