Art and Design

Pupils at Queensgate Primary School are encouraged to develop an interest in and love of art and design while being inspired by artists and designers such as Frida Kahlo and Banksy.

Children are able to express themselves through art and design with confidence and appreciate the diversity of art and design across cultures, genders and time periods, and have an awareness of different art movements.

We teach that the process of art and design involves an individual journey for each and every one of us, and does not solely concern the end product.  Children will be taught specific skills such as printing and perspective alongside the understanding and use of artistic vocabulary.  Our Art and design teaching includes

  • organising visits and trips that inspire pupils and allow them to see original works in galleries, museums and the wider environment
  • providing opportunities for the children to take part in externally organised art competitions
  • continuing to collaborate with and build links within our local artistic community.

Every child can develop their artistic skills and individual interests in a personal sketch book which stays with them throughout their time at Queensgate.  

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