Year 1 2020 - 2021

Mrs Mott

Mrs Ramsden-Smith

Mrs Clough

Welcome to Year 1!

This year, we have two parallel Year 1 classes. One class is taught by Mrs Mott and Mrs Ramsden Smith, the other class is taught by Mrs Clough. 

Our first topic in the Autumn is ‘Our Local Area’

We focus on our school, and the local area of Bramhall, but we think about what an alien arriving here would see, hear and feel about it. This is a geography topic and we learn about drawing maps and plans too. We even discover how to read alien words in phonics!

In spring the topic is ‘Keeping Healthy’

The introduction to our topic will be based on science and healthy lifeystyles. We do lots of food tasting and will look at foods from all round the world including the journey of food from plants to plate and farm to fork!

In summer the topic is  ‘Changes’.

We focus on history within our life times and living memory. We look at how people live now and in the past.  We focus on how people travel, toys from the past and how things have changed.

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